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HARVARD Kennedy School


Great Company, great sound!

Margaret - Harvard Kennedy School

Scott, the event on Wednesday night went very well! We can’t reiterate enough how grateful we are that your team was able to jump in and help at the last minute. Please relay our thanks to the crew!



Very accommodating!

Emily - Whirlpool Corporation

Scott, I know you’re traveling but wanted to tell you that your guys did a phenomenal job for us yesterday.  Not only did the technical aspects go off without a hitch but they went above and beyond in a variety of ways to make sure we were totally supported.  I have already spoken to the VP covering this area of the business, who was on-site for the event yesterday, and made sure to tell him what a great job your guys did and I will make sure the on-site decision-makers have your contact information for future events.  Absolutely top-notch service! Thank you so much for working this out for me!

Mohwgan Sun


Excellent strategic partner for Video Production!

 James - Mohegan Sun

As a Director of Audiovisual Services for a large convention center, I am often including cameras for image magnification or video production in my proposals for large events.  Even though I make these recommendations, these items are not in my own inventory and I know that I will have to go out and rent these services if my clients choose them.  To sell these services with confidence, I need to have a professional and reliable company of experts in my back pocket.  For me, that company is Event Sound and Video. They are my one stop for professional video equipment and video production.

Greater Boston Police Council


Always a pleasure to work with!

Chief Quinn

Dear Scott, I would like to express my gratitude for your unflagging professionalism at the Greater Boston Police Council Meeting recently. As in numerous years past, you once again provided the Council with a flawless sound system enabling our members to hear all items on our agenda clearly. It was greatly appreciated!