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Lighting is an important addition to your meeting or event. A basic stage wash of lights will make sure your attendees see you and is a necessary part of your event if you will have camera coverage for your event. When it is time for adding some pizzazz to the look of your event, it can be accomplished with the right combination of color LED lights and table lighting as well. You never get a second chance to make first impression. When people first enter the room, you have an opportunity to wow them and set the mood for a great interactive experience. ESV can light up the room and make the event memorable with a combination of the right lighting and the use of low profile fixtures.

Outdoor Lighting

ESV has a large inventory of battery-powered wireless remote-controlled lighting packages. The entire outdoor area of your event can be lit up without the need of cumbersome wires for participant safety. Imagine how amazing the outside area of your event will look with the trees all lit up using custom colors that match your company colors or a classic white look. Since the LED lights are very powerful, ESV can also light up the façade of the building you have selected as your venue to give it a red carpet look as people enter if desired. The right lighting can make your next event unforgettable.

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Why Choose ESV for Lighting up your Night?

  • ESV has a large inventory of battery powered LED lighting
  • We have many skilled lighting technicians to make your event look great
  • 20 years of experience lighting for events
  • Unobtrusive lighting equipment
  • Exciting lighting designs can be created
  • Lighting packages to fit most budgets

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